Concierge Services

Your imagination is the limit of our services!


• Catering Services and Personal Chef Arranged
• Courier Services
• Deliver Meals for Meetings and Special Occasions
• Errands of all types
• Shop for gifts and groceries
• Flower Delivery
• House Checks
• Laundry, Dry Cleaning
• Out-of-Town Guest Services (Golf/Spa/Exercise)
• Refrigerator Restocking After Vacation or Business Trip
• Wait for and Accept Appliance and Furniture Deliveries
• Accept Packages Needing Signatures
• Coordinate Meetings with Contractors
• Arrange for Deliveries

Arrange for Deliveries
Arrange for Deliveries

UPS, USPS etc.

Dog Walking, Pet Sitting
Dog Walking, Pet Sitting

Plats, Pets etc.


Meals & Snacks for Events

Restock Fridge
Restock Fridge

Restocking Essentials