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Residential Services 


The core of our business is our extensive house check service which can also include a seasonal checklist tailored to your exact needs. For each of our clients, we design a monthly and a Spring/Fall Project List (see these elsewhere on this site) to ensure that nothing is overlooked whether the client is at home or away. These items encompass both frequent and one-time annual projects that are essential to prevent maintenance problems that could interrupt the smooth operation of their property. We charge an hourly rate for this work. Vendor charges are usually not marked up.


We also have the capability to oversee the management of construction projects, large and small, and in doing so, act as your agent to make certain the successful completion of the work. Feel free to contact us about project management. We offer various fee structures ranging from our simple hourly rate to a negotiated flat fee which will ensure our interests are tied directly to yours.


The third pillar of our business is concierge services which, as the name implies, is a catchall for a wide variety of personal services designed to make life easier for the overstretched individual looking for someone else to care for errands, appointments, and other chores that interrupt the daily flow of work and pleasure. This, too, is covered by a simple hourly fee.

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