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Geoff Conrad worked in Hospitality for more than 38 years, dividing his employment between Hotel and Restaurant Management. After many years managing hotels in northern New Jersey, Geoff and his wife, Maureen purchased a Bed and Breakfast in Vermont. After a few years, Geoff took over management of a hotel in Middlebury from which he recently retired. Geoff feels there is much symmetry between the services we provide at Chipman Hill and what he has been doing his entire career in hospitality; after all, it really is all about customer service. Anticipating the needs of our clients and then providing exceptional service is the hallmark of any customer oriented business.


Geoff served on the Chamber Board and is a past president of Rotary. He and Maureen live in Middlebury with their dog, Beau.




Tim Hollander has over forty years of residential construction and construction management experience. He has supervised many small and large projects of all types in Massachusetts and Vermont. He is thoroughly familiar with building techniques and enjoys helping homeowners with unusual needs by recommending the appropriate path to a first class solution.


His diverse background also includes overseas duty as a Marine Corps Captain, founder of one of the pioneer farmstead cheese-making firms in the ‘80s, and a keen interest in vegetable gardening, upland bird hunting and cooking. He has served on numerous civic and local government boards and is a member of the Rotary Club. Tim lives in Middlebury with his wife, Wendy, two dogs, one cat, and five hens.


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