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Gardening in January?

Need Help with Your 2021 Vegetable Garden?

It’s not too early to be thinking about your 2021 vegetable garden. Whether you are a first-time gardener or a seasoned grower, we may be able to help you if you are a Chipman Hill Property Services client. We’re here to help you avoid a disappointing crop of mediocre vegetables.

If you are a novice, topics that we can discuss with you this winter and early spring include:

- considerations for selecting a location for your garden

- how to design a garden with or without raised beds

- which seed companies and local suppliers to use

- tools and fencing needed for working your soil

- which varieties are appropriate for our climate zone and your taste

- a timetable for planting and harvesting to keep fresh vegetables coming to your

table at their peak

- preparing the proper soil for planting

- starting seeds indoors and in cold frames to get a jump on spring

- composting for your garden

During the summer and fall, we can help you with;

- fertilizing, watering, mulching and weed control.

- storing, freezing, and cooking your bounty

- pest control, large and small

We can help you with suggestions, advice and the care of your garden.

The results are enjoyable work and healthy eating. Give us a call.

For a fun jump start to your garden planning, you can visit:


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